Photos on Headstones

Permanent Memorial Photographs


There are many ways to enhance the beauty of your memorial and accurately depict a life once lived. With the ever evolving technology age there are tools and machines that can duplicate images onto stone. Pin etchers, Laser etchers, and porcelain prints are becoming very popular because of their high quality photograph renderings.

Pin Etching
Pin etching is by far the best choice for a realistic and permanent rendering. This machine is a computer operated impact etcher. A photograph is edited and submitted to the machine which then maps out the area on the stone based on pixels. Using a diamond tipped etching head it precisely makes each mark on the stone leaving a beautiful image behind.


Laser Etching
Laser etching is very similar to pin etching in the fact that it is operated by a computer and that it maps out the photo. The difference between the two lies in the application process. A laser etcher burns away light layers of the surface of the stone to leave more of a gloss finish on the final etching whereas a pin etcher chips away at the stone. The end results are very similar and a matter of personal preference. In both pin and laser the photos must be edited from the original before it can be etched. If you are a fan of the glossy finish and smooth look, then a laser etching is more to your liking.


Porcelain Portrait
Porcelain(or ceramic) portraits contrast completely with the previous processes. Porcelain’s are mounted into on on the surface of a memorial. In this process the photo submitted is directly printed onto the porcelain piece and sealed in a waterproof gloss. A porcelain may however, may fall off or break in which case they are normally replaced by the company who makes them.

No matter which process you decide is best for you, preserving your legacy is always our number one concern. Patten’s uses a pin etcher and is partnered wih one of the best porcelain portrait companies in the business for photos on headstones. Come in to one of our locations today.

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