5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Headstone

Buying A Headstone

1. Who Will You Buy From?

The very first step in buying a headstone is finding a reputable manufacturer. There are small monument companies and online stores all over the granite headstone business. Not all of them are going to offer the quality and guarantee that a professional manufacturing facility can. Ask about the longevity of their product. Will they stand behind their work once its in the cemetery? Where are they getting their product from? Do they have real connections or are they just a storefront who has another company do their work? Finding the right company will bring assurance that you are being cared for in the proper way and that they will cater to your future needs.

2. Where Is the Location?

All Cemeteries are different. If you haven’t purchased a burial plot yet here are a few pointers. Consider Location of cemetery, family history or related family members buried at the same location, and cemetery regulations (what type of markers may or may not be allowed). If you have already purchased a plot, knowing the section and lot number will help the setting crew know exactly where to place your monument when it has been completed. Other cemetery regulations are not necessary to know as it should be the responsibility of the manufacturing company to check into and adhere to those guidelines as well as inform you of them but it could help to know them when coming up with a design for your memorial.

3. Determine The Size

The size of your stone may be restricted by the size of your purchased plot. Know how much room you have to work with and whether or not you would like a single marker for a single plot, single markers for double plots, or a double marker for a double plot. Any style marker (flush, bevel, slant, monument) can be used for all three options but the width, and thickness and whether or not it needs a foundation will be determined by these factors. If your monument needs a foundation the best course of action is to talk with the business you are purchasing your monument from to ensure it will be the proper size. The other option is to deal directly with the cemetery or city to get a foundation poured.

4. Decide On A Granite Color

Choosing a granite color is the last thing to determine before moving on to the actual layout. It is important to understand that certain designs can only be done on particular colors. Pin etchings, laser etchings, and hand artistry shows up best on Jet Black or Gem Myst granite. All other line art and sandblasted designs can be done on any color.

5. Coming Up With A Layout

Finally consider how you want your design to be laid out on the stone. You can gather ideas from other completed stones in cemeteries, by researching online, or by visiting Patten’s Gallery where we have a large selection of finished products and ideas. A layout typically involves names, dates, paneling, and artwork. Once you have a general idea of the layout it is time to visit your monument manufacturer and discuss the design with a representative.


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