Where Do Granite Headstones Come From?

When you see a nice headstone in a cemetery you might wonder how it got there. What is the story behind that person? What is the story behind such a beautiful monument? The answer could be a variety of things.

If the headstone is made out of marble or limestone it is most likely from the early 19th century when the monument industry began to switch to more long lasting materials. In recent years it is most common to find granite headstones that are built to last forever.

The granite for each modern memorial comes from quarries all around the world in countries such as Canada, India, China, and Sweden. Most manufacturers should be local but a current trend has seen plenty of small monument storefronts outsource to India.

When the stones are being quarried they are shaped, sized, and polished before they are shipped. Other materials are obtained the same way for older techniques. Once the stone has reached the local manufacturer they are sold and sent through production.

Once the stone has been built a setting crew will most likely deliver the stone to the cemetery. However, not all manufacturers set the stones or may charge a fee for doing so. Each stone has its own unique journey just like the life it represents. Next time you see a remarkable monument, be wowed by the process it took to create it.