The Importance Of Purchasing A Headstone Memorial Before You Pass Away.

Headstone memorials are really emotional objects, especially considering their use and what they signify. The meanings attached to them are profound and families usually have to take some time to deliberately choose the type of headstone memorial they would buy for their loved ones.

Purchasing a headstone memorial isn’t an easy decision, especially during the sad and difficult period following the death. This is why choosing and purchasing your own headstone in advance before you pass away is one of the most loving parting gift you can give your family.

Even though there are diverse reasons why it is advisable for people to purchase their headstone memorial before they pass on, most people find the thought uncomfortable. The sentimental attachment to the process makes people totally avoid the topic.

Some people regard the idea as too controversial. Others think it should only be considered at a very old age or in a critical health condition. However, this shouldn’t be so. Instead, it should be seen as part of preparation. If we can lovingly prepare our will, we can do the same for our headstone memorial.
There are actually a good number of benefits to buying early. Considering these benefits may help you see the bigger picture and address any reservation you may have. Here are some of them:


Reduced Stress

The death of a loved one is intensely painful. Any family going through such level of grief would already be under massive stress. Thinking about the memorial will only aggravate the situation.

When the family are left with deciding the purchase, there are a lot to worry about. Because of the hurt, most family members would find it hard to think clearly. There might be disagreement on what the headstone memorial should look like. The same would go for the right message to have written.

Choices made in the heat of the moment may later be regretted by the family who believe they could have done things a whole lot differently. By purchasing you headstone memorial in advance, you would be taking the burden of such a crucial decision off their necks and allowing them to grief and bid farewell in time.


Lots Of Time To Choose

A very important advantage of choosing your headstone memorial in advance is that you can take your time in scouting for the best. There is no pressure or rush to choose immediately. This unique advantage allows you to consider the pros and cons of each option you are presented with.

Since there is no grief or loss involved, you won’t have to worry about your judgment being clouded. You can properly access your particular preferences and see what fits. You can even have a checklist and a series of questions to ask in advance.

The key here is the ability to make purposeful decisions without the emotions to mess with the process and with no time constraints involved.


Ability To Express Yourself

No one can express your life and tell your story the way you can. Since only you can fully say how best you would love to express yourself, and your memorial is a chance to etch your last expressions in memory, purchasing your headstone memorial in advance will ensure your story is properly told.

When this task is left in the hands of your family, the opportunity to be involved would be lost. The privilege to determine the direction of the message will be forfeited. You don’t have much of a say after death.

And this goes beyond the message. Part of your expression is in the type of memorial you purchase, its size, style, artistic details and even how much it costs. Everything comes together to fully express yourself.

Only when you are involved would you be able to guarantee that your expectations are met and that the summary of your life is appropriately reflected forever.


You Can Plan With Family

Purchasing your headstone memorial in advance doesn’t have to mean it is all about you. You can actually involve your loved ones in the selection, if you want. This is can be a great time for you to share and create lasting memories together. You can seek their opinions and discuss the place of personal preferences, life achievements, moments in time and family history together.


Saving Your Family The Cost

Funerals can cost a lot, especially if the family decides to shower so much love on the process as they grief. The problem with this is that most family aren’t prepared for such emergencies. Apart from the emotional stress when a loved one passes away, there is also the financial burden.

When you order your headstone in advance, you will be able to take control of some part of the financial obligations. This will even fit right into your choice if you want to have limit the amount spent on your memorial. With this single act, you can also help prevent any strife within the family or among your heirs.


Guards Against Inflation

Getting your headstone memorial in advance also helps you save money in the long run. Inflation is a normal part of the economics of the world. Prices tend to increase over time. This is why the things we bought years ago cost more today. The same can be said about headstone memorials.

Purchasing in advance means that you are locking in the cost, without having to worry about inflation later at the end of the day.

Purchasing your headstone in advance doesn’t mean everything is over. In fact, you can choose not to write your name yet. You may even decide to wait a little on the message. After all, there is still more chapters to be written in the book of our individual lives.

However, having this settled means that you can have peace of mind. Any other thing can be added later, as you desire, but the singular decision to relieve your family of this important duty can be a befitting parting gift.

Make it count.