Michigan Memorial Builders In the Fall Season

What it looks like around here this time of year.


Fall is here once again. It always seems like the summer goes by too quick, does it not? The days are getting shorter and the nights colder. The maple trees begin bursting into master pieces of color and excitement as they dance around the branches ushering in the season of campfires, apple cider, and hayrides. This time of year is great for taking a moment to slow down and appreciate everything going on around you. We do just that as michigan memorial manufacturers.

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Patten’s Michigan Monuments Offers a Variety of Granite Services all year round.

In the monument business this time of of year signifies the end of the setting season. Cemeteries have already set their cut off dates for setting new stones going into the winter. In most cases, if a stone is ordered after the first week of October it will not be able to be set until the following spring. That means our guys are working hard to manufacture and set ordered monuments before weather prevents the trucks from getting through the cemetery. Michigan memorial manufacturers, while busy, are also taking orders and preparing stock for the long winter indoors. This is a fine time to be out shopping for a memorial if you are looking pre-need. As stock is sorted some items may go on sale for the season to make room for new granite coming in the spring.

As you prepare for the fall season another thing to think about is cleaning up your family monument. Many people have questions when it comes to getting mildew, water stains, and other blemishes off their stone. Please feel free to check out this article on how to clean a headstone.

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