How to Clean a Granite Headstone

The Proper Technique

One of our frequently asked questions is, “How to clean a granite headstone.” Its not surprising that this topic comes up in the spring when folks are out visiting loved ones after the thaw. Michigan winters leave behind quite a bit of filth and as the warmer weather hits, it is the perfect time to clean up your family monument. You can clean your granite stone easily with common household items.

What do You Need?

  1. Non-Oil-Based Dish Soap (we recommend Dawn).
  2. Soft Bristle Brush (not wire).
  3. A Bucket of Clean Water.

What’s The Drill?

Wet the stone down. Take the soft bristle brush and flip it over exposing the bristles. Squirt a half-dollar sized amount of dish soap into the brush. Scrub the stone thoroughly paying special attention to deep crevasses and lettering. A toothbrush may be needed for deeper blast lines. Use the remaining water to rinse the stone and let it dry. That’s how to clean a granite headstone. If you want to add extra shine and get rid of any leftover water stains, use window cleaner and a soft rag to buff the granite. This technique will take care of most dirt, moss, mildew, discoloring, water and grass stains.

It’s Not Coming Off!

Some stains can become permanent or just plain hard to remove. Don’t worry, we have your back. Patten’s offers specialized cleaning services for any headstone or monument. Contact us today or subscribe to our monthly newsletter.